The Arizona Virtual Academy Announces Expansion to 9th Grade

May 2, 2005
PPEP & Affiliates announces public virtual school will offer a complete ninth grade for the 2005-2006 academic year

Phoenix, AZ – The Arizona Virtual Academy (AZVA), a statewide public virtual school, announced today that the public virtual school will expand from K–8 to include a complete ninth grade program. A ninth grade offering will be available in the 2005-06 academic year to all of the school's eligible matriculating eighth grade students and for a limited number of new students.

AZVA's director, Mary Gifford, said, "Parents and students in our school made it very clear that they are eager for the school to expand to the ninth grade to continue to give students who are entering the high school level access to this high quality public school option. AZVA and PPEP & Affiliates are excited to give our students this opportunity to continue their academic progress in our school.

"The State Board for Charter Schools and PPEP & Affiliates have reviewed the 9th grade academic program offered by K12 Inc.—the education company that provides the curriculum for the school—and we are confident that it matches the high level of quality found in the K–8 learning program. We believe it will help provide our ninth grade students an excellent education.

"The school is making the ninth grade program available for all of our current eighth grade students who will be promoted. The ninth grade program will be available to a limited number of new ninth grade students who are interested in enrolling for the first time in our school, for a total of 120 ninth grade students.

"PPEP & Affiliates and our parents have been extremely pleased with the success of our public school. The school has demonstrated a high level of accountability and solid academic results. Our parents and teachers are very satisfied with the direction of the school, the K12 learning program used by the school, and the academic progress of the students and the school continues to receive strong interest from parents and students across the state. The strong partnership between students, parents and the teachers is the backbone of our school and is helping to make our school a great success."

About AZVA:
The Arizona Virtual Academy (AZVA) is public school program of the PEPP TEC Charter School that is serving hundreds of Arizona students in kindergarten through eighth grade. AZVA will offer a complete ninth grade program for the 2005-2006 academic year.

The Arizona Virtual Academy offers families an innovative public education option that includes a rigorous and comprehensive curriculum in six traditional subjects. In AZVA, students work at home with a parent or responsible adult and receive instruction and guidance from certified public school teachers who operate remotely. Students who enroll in AZVA receive a computer, monitor, printer, access to the K12 Online School, lessons, assessments, books, materials, planning and progress tools, and much more. Since AZVA is a public school, it is tuition-free for residents of Arizona. AZVA provides a unique education opportunity where parents play an active role in their child's education, and where each child receives the tools, attention, and resources to ensure they are receiving the highest quality education.

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