Agora Cyber Charter School Board of Directors and K¹² Inc. Announce School Leadership Team for Agora Cyber Charter School

August 7, 2006
Anita Fiel and Sharon Williams to lead the school as Chief Academic Officer and

Herndon, VA -- Today, the Agora Cyber Charter School Board of Directors and K12 Inc. Chairman and founder, Ron Packard, announced the leadership positions for the new Agora Cyber Charter School – Pennsylvania's newest statewide public cyber school and the only school in the state certified by K12 Inc.

Anita Fiel and Sharon Williams will lead the Agora Cyber Charter School as Chief Academic Officer and Chief Administrative Officer, respectively. They will share responsibility for directing all aspects of the school's academic and administrative operations. Both Fiel and Williams are experienced administrators and educators in public cyber schools. They have nearly 40 years of combined experience in public education and over 11 years working with the K12 curriculum.

Dr. Mike Maslayak was named Chancellor of the Agora Cyber Charter School. As Chancellor, Maslayak's role will be to understand and represent families from a curriculum, policy and community standpoint. He will be a key player on the parent advisory council and will focus on ensuring that the school and K12 remain tuned into the needs of families. Maslayak has 35 years of experience in public education, including five years with K12 Inc. as a Head of School and as National Director for Children and Families.

Ron Packard, Chairman and founder of K12 Inc., said, “We are bringing to the Agora Cyber Charter School some of the finest talent K12 has to offer. Together, this team has vast experience with the K12 learning program and a record of success leading high quality public cyber schools. These talented educators will help make Agora Cyber School stand out as the premier public cyber school in the state.”

“Additionally, the Agora Cyber Charter School has hired 20 teachers. These teachers have over 50 years of combined experience in public cyber schools and are some of Pennsylvania's best educators. They are committed to student success and building strong partnerships with families.”

About Agora Cyber Charter School:

The Agora Cyber Charter School is Pennsylvania's newest and most exciting public cyber school in the state. The Agora Cyber Charter School is partnered with K12 Inc. – a leading provider of leading provider of high quality curriculum and academic services to schools across the country.

Agora Cyber Charter School stands out from other cyber schools because it is Pennsylvania's first and only school certified by K12 Inc. As a K12-certified school, Agora Cyber Charter School's teachers, students and parents will have access to not only the complete K12 learning program, but also to K12's team of education, curriculum, and school management experts.

Led by Chief Learning Officer, Dr. Bror Saxberg, K12's education team is continuously building and improving the curriculum, designing new ways to implement the program, and developing best practices to enhance the learning environment for all students.

The Agora Cyber Charter School will work in close partnership with Dr. Saxberg and the full K12 team to implement K12's best practices, giving parents confidence that this school will have the strongest commitment to rigorous academics, a focus on student achievement, building a family-friendly school environment, and providing families with the highest quality education programs and support structure.

The Agora Cyber Charter School is a full-time public school program offering grades K – 10. Students from across the state are eligible to enroll in the school. As with all public schools in the state, there is no cost for parents to enroll their children in the school. The school is governed by an independent, non-profit Board of Directors.

Agora students work from home with the assistance of a parent or other responsible adult. Parents are active participants in their child's education, guiding them through lessons as needed, and developing a close working relationship with their child's teacher.

Students who enroll in Agora receive a computer system on loan from the school, access to the K12 Online School (OLS), lessons, assessments, books, materials, planning and progress tools, Internet reimbursement, access to the school community, and much more.

Additional information on Agora Cyber Charter School can be found at or by calling 866-548-9451.

About K12 Inc.:

K12 Inc. is a leading provider of high quality education programs and academic services. K12 has developed a comprehensive, research-based learning program in traditional subjects, including curriculum, tools, materials and an innovative lesson delivery system.

The exciting K12 learning program is used by over 20,000 students across the country in a variety of learning environments, including traditional classrooms, public virtual (cyber) schools, and in other education settings. There are currently 14 states with statewide public virtual schools that use the K12 curriculum.

More information on K12 can be found at

K12-certified schools:

K12 awards certification to schools who participate in the full education delivery program designed by K12 to optimize the total learning experience for students and parents. This program includes use of the K12 curriculum as well as full teacher training and support, administrative procedures that foster an optimized learning environment, participation in K12's nationwide best practices to enhance the learning environment, and regular communication, connection and review with K12 on issues ranging from the creation of local and national community opportunities for parents and students to maximizing teacher quality and efficacy. Certification is reviewed on an annual basis.

The Agora Cyber Charter School is a K12-certified school.