K12 Presents Gift to Families and Schools Across the World

December 20, 2007

Free web-based science lessons demonstrate how the amazing K12 curriculum enables mastery and makes learning come alive!

HERNDON, Va., Dec. 20 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- K12 Inc. (NYSE Arca: LRN) -- During this season, K12(R) is pleased to present free science lessons as a gift of education to all.

The lessons, entitled "Plate Tectonics -- Forces at Work," for grades 4, 6, and 9, can be accessed by parents, teachers and students at K12's website: http://www.k12.com/gift. A K12 account is not needed and the lessons will be available indefinitely.

These exciting science lessons will help children understand how the mighty forces of plate tectonics impact and shape our world in enormous ways. They are a great resource for parents and kids and an excellent supplement for teachers to use during earth science instruction.

Each year K12 will make available free lessons as a gift of understanding of the big ideas shaping our world.

"Just as scientists think plate tectonics constantly shift our world -- blowing up mountains, changing landscapes -- K12 is shifting the world of learning," said Bror Saxberg, K12's Chief Learning Officer. "Our amazing curriculum enables real mastery of even the hardest concepts in all sorts of young minds and makes learning come alive for children of all ages."

About K12

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