K12 Inc. Announces Partnership with White Oak School District to Provide Curriculum and Services to the New Oklahoma Virtual Academy

May 28, 2009

HERNDON, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May. 28, 2009-- K12 Inc. (NYSE:LRN) is announcing a new partnership with White Oak School District in Oklahoma. K12 ® will be the curriculum and school services provider to the new Oklahoma Virtual Academy (OKVA) which will serve students across the state.

The White Oak School District board unanimously approved the service agreement with K12 on May 27, 2009. OKVA is a full-time, multi-district online public school program serving students in grades 1-8 in the Fall of 2009, and growing to serve all grade levels in subsequent years. The school will start classes in the Fall of 2009 for those students who have applied to OKVA through the state’s Open Transfer Program.

“Our district is pleased to offer the K12 public virtual school program to families through the Oklahoma Virtual Academy,” said Mark Allgood, Superintendent of the White Oak School District. “It’s an education program that has proven effective for thousands of students across the country. Online learning and web-based instruction bring great promise to our public schools.”

Ron Packard, Founder and CEO of K12 Inc., said, “K12 is excited about our new partnership with White Oak School District and the opportunity to serve students, teachers and parents across Oklahoma.”

OKVA students will receive an individualized learning program using the K12 curriculum. They will learn outside the classroom and receive instruction, support and oversight from state-licensed teachers in partnership with a learning coach – a parent or responsible adult – who will provide guidance and assistance. Students will access their web-based lessons through the K12Online School (OLS) and also use other off-line education materials (textbooks, workbooks, math and science supplies, hands-on projects, and much more).

OKVA teachers will assign lessons, provide instruction, and regularly interact with students and parents via email, web-based classrooms, online discussions, phone, and face-to-face meetings. Teachers will also organize a variety of school outings for students and families.

Students will be required to meet accountability standards, including academic and attendance requirements, and will participate in state assessments in a proctored setting.

More information on OKVA can be found at: www.k12.com/okva.

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