K12 Inc. Partners with Idaho Manufacturing & Tech Leaders to Launch College and Career Readiness Academy

December 19, 2013
New online public school - a first of its kind in Idaho - provides pathways for students seeking technical and specialty trade job skills

BOISE, Idaho, Dec. 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The Board of Directors for Idaho College and Career Readiness Academy (IDCCRA) in partnership with K12 Inc., (NYSE: LRN), the nation's leading provider of online education programs for students in kindergarten through high school, today announced the creation of a new, online technical high school for students in Idaho.

The state's first of-its-kind, online public charter school will provide opportunities for students to obtain technical and specialty trade skills by offering four years of occupational training in an industry strand of their choice. Programs will emulate the Idaho State Career Clusters, which aim to improve student achievement by connecting school and the workplace, thus making school relevant for students. The initial programs will include: Business Administration, Manufacturing, Web Development, and Healthcare. The intent of the school is to develop a sequence of instruction that teaches students occupational skills while ultimately providing a pathway to job opportunities or to a technical college program upon graduation. 

IDCCRA was authorized by the Idaho Public Charter School Commission.  The school is governed by an independent, nonprofit board of directors consisting of industry professionals in Idaho who have a passion for seeing technical education expanded through innovative solutions. With backgrounds in machining, electrical engineering, technical education, and small business administration, IDCCRA board members have decades of industry expertise to provide necessary governance and oversight.

"This represents a truly exciting educational opportunity for students and families in Idaho," said Kerry Wysocki, IDCCRA Board President and General Manager of Northwest Machining Inc., a precision machine shop in Meridian, Idaho.  "With the growing demand for skilled laborers, our new school is specifically designed to provide a career and technical education program for students who might not have access to such a program. Our focus is to remove barriers to technical education so that more students stay in school to pursue a hopeful future."

"K12 is focused on developing innovative new school programs to meet the needs of all students," said Monti Pittman, IDCCRA head of school. "Digital learning expands reach and opportunities for students. This new model will help equip students with vital technical skills that will prepare them to succeed in the manufacturing workplace. We are very proud to partner with such a dynamic team of professionals to better serve young men and women in Idaho."

In addition to the industry-focused curriculum that will provide the foundational skills for specific industry certification, IDCCRA will offer students state-of-the-art academic coursework and content using K12's nationally-acclaimed, award-winning curriculum and learning programs. K12's personalized academic programs are designed to work for all types of students, from advanced learners to students with special needs. Certified teachers will provide instruction, guidance and support, and will interact regularly with students using innovative technology and web-based classrooms.  

IDCCRA will also seek out partnerships with local businesses, post-secondary schools, and other community organizations to provide extended learning opportunities and resources for students.

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