Fuel Education and LearnBop Partner to Deliver Personalized Math Tutoring and Analytics Solution to Schools and Districts

August 13, 2014

HERNDON, Va., August 13, 2014—Personalized learning solutions provider Fuel Education™ today announced that it is partnering with LearnBop®, an award-winning provider of an automated math tutoring and assessment tool for students in grades 5–9, to deliver schools and districts more robust options for personalizing learning during the crucial years when a student’s math performance can have a significant impact on future academic success.

LearnBop is an automated system for grades 5–9 mathematics that simulates a one-to-one tutoring experience by guiding students through problems step-by-step so they can learn fundamental math concepts at their own pace. Using sophisticated adaptive learning technology, LearnBop provides students dynamic math problems to teach concepts that are critical to achieving Common Core State Standards learning objectives and other rigorous state standards. As students complete problems, teachers use dashboards to analyze learning behavior by concept and by student. Teachers are able to address common learning gaps with the class, group students by need, or personalize playlists for individual students to increase learning gains.

Launched just a year ago, LearnBop is part of math instruction in 350 schools in 17 states, where students are seeing remarkable gains. After one year, 96 percent of students who used LearnBop on a weekly basis at Brooklyn, New York’s Middle School #385 passed the state math exam – up from just 25 percent who passed the prior year. To learn about the school’s experience with LearnBop from students, teachers, and the principal, view the video.

“Fuel Education continually looks for new ways to support our school district partners in delivering personalized learning. As we looked for additional, innovative solutions to help build math skills during the critical middle school years, LearnBop was a clear match,” said Gregg Levin, General Manager of Fuel Education. “The LearnBop system is at the cusp of personalized learning, using a high-quality adaptive learning platform that can scale its one-to-one tutoring experience to every student for math, and potentially for other subjects in the future. We believe that by providing school districts access to LearnBop through Fuel Education’s unique technology platform, they will be better prepared to help their students achieve improved outcomes.”

This fall, Fuel Education (FuelEd) will make LearnBop available through its award-winning Personalized Learning Platform, PEAK™, an open, easy-to-use technology platform that provides a single, unified view of online and blended learning activities across multiple solutions for administrators, teachers, and students. PEAK provides intelligent reporting and analytics to help districts reduce system complexity and simplify administration as they adopt more digital and online learning solutions.

Further, in the coming months FuelEd will also make LearnBop available through its PEAK Library, which empowers teachers with course customization tools to help differentiate instruction and improve student outcomes. Teachers can use content from leading third-party providers, FuelEd™ content, or teacher-authored content to quickly develop or customize assessments, lessons, or courses through a single, easy-to-use interface.

“LearnBop’s partnership with Fuel Education is a natural fit, as both companies are committed to providing students with a highly personalized learning experience, and providing teachers with the data and information they need to ensure that every student succeeds,” said Bharanidharan Rajakumar, LearnBop’s Founder. “We look forward to offering FuelEd’s innovative district partners our proven automated tutoring system, and to expanding beyond math to other subjects and grade levels in the future.”

For more information about LearnBop, visit the company’s website at www.learnbop.com or the FuelEd and LearnBop flyer.

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