Grandview R-II School District and Fuel Education Partner to Serve Students Across Missouri

May 9, 2014

District Offers Comprehensive Online Summer School Solution for Middle and High School Students

HERNDON, Va., May 9, 2014—Personalized learning solutions provider Fuel EducationTM today announced it is partnering with Missouri's Grandview R-II School District to provide a comprehensive online summer school solution for 7th through 12th grade students across the state.

Beginning early next month, students can opt to personalize their learning by enrolling in a course to get ahead, to take on an added challenge, or to recover credit. Grandview R-II will offer students the option to enroll in any course from the FuelEdTM Online Course catalog, including more than 180 standard, foundation, credit recovery, AP®, world language, and elective courses.

Summer school courses are free of charge to students currently enrolled in any Missouri public school district. Students who live in the Grandview R-II School District will participate in the program through a blended learning environment. Students who are located in any of the more than 160 other school districts throughout the state will participate in a fully online environment. There are two sessions available to students:

  • June 5-30, 2014 – The registration deadline is May 16, 2014
  • July 1-31, 2014 – The registration deadline is June 2, 2014

Registration information can be found on the Grandview R-II School District website.

"Four years ago, we began a 1-to-1 initiative which provided every high school student with a tablet. As a result, we quickly saw that there is a need to support our students with learning opportunities outside of the normal public school setting," said Matt Zoph, Principal of Grandview High School. "Students benefit from learning anytime, anywhere, and we are better able to personalize their education when we provide them with the opportunity to take advantage of technology-enabled learning."

Dr. Michael Brown, Summer School Director for Grandview R-II School District, said, "We are excited to provide students across Missouri with the opportunity to enroll in our online summer school. We chose to partner with Fuel Education to support our summer school program because they are able to offer a breadth of research-based courses that are approved by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education as part of its Missouri Virtual Instruction Program (MoVIP). Fuel Education also provides the implementation and support we require make this program available."

The summer school program will be taught by Grandview School District teachers and Fuel Education teachers, who are highly qualified and certified in the state of Missouri, and who are extensively trained to deliver online instruction.

"Grandview R-II School District recognizes that providing education goes beyond a physical space, and can be tailored to meet a student's needs and interests at any time of year," said Gregg Levin, General Manager of Fuel Education. "We are pleased to partner Grandview as they lead the way to personalized learning in Missouri."

FuelEd Online Courses have been crafted based on extensive education research, and are aligned to state and national standards, including the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). They feature a rich multimedia format with interactive elements that accommodate auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learning styles. Whiteboard illustrations, manipulatives, practice games, and videos keep students engaged and motivated to learn. Interactive tutorials help illustrate complex concepts more clearly. FuelEd's unique avatars help establish connections between topics and "real-world" applications. FuelEd courses also include formative and summative assessments that provide ample practice with feedback. For more information about the courses available through the summer school program, visit the Grandview R-II School District website.

In addition to summer school, Fuel Education solutions enable districts to transform the education experience inside and outside the classroom. The company supports districts with a variety of online and blended programs, ranging from catalog expansion for low-enrollment or hard-to-staff courses, and hospital/homebound education, to full-time school programs, language exposure and learning, alternative education, remediation, and kindergarten readiness, among others.

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