Seven Schools and Districts Honored for Innovative Use of Online and Blended Learning

December 8, 2014

Fuel Education Announces 2014 Transformation Award Winners

Herndon, Va., December 8, 2014 — Personalized learning solutions provider Fuel Education™ today announced the 2014 Transformation Award winners, seven schools and districts that have used innovative online and blended learning programs to transform education for their students. The winners were each selected for a transformative practice that resulted in improving the overall effectiveness, efficiency, and success of online learning, ultimately leading to improved student outcomes.

The winners represent a variety of online and blended learning models, in schools and districts with varying demographic, economic, and geographic backgrounds. Each winner identified specific challenges – ranging from increasing graduation rates, to boosting performance on state exams, to retaining students in their district, to expanding catalog offerings – that have been effectively addressed through digital learning using Fuel Education solutions.

“These schools and districts are proving every day that online and blended learning can address a wide range of educational challenges across a district,” said Gregg Levin, general manager of Fuel Education. “While their student needs differ greatly, each winner is leveraging technology to better engage students, track their progress, and to personalize learning to help each student achieve their goals. We are very proud to partner with these innovative schools and districts.”

The 2014 Transformation Award recipients are:

  • Academy of Arts and Sciences (California) – for providing students a fully online personalized learning program enabling outstanding achievement on state exams. AAS’s California High School Exit Exam scores have increased to a 95 percent pass rate, and the number of students that are behind or at risk has significantly decreased.
  • Crater Lake Charter Academy (Oregon) – for providing the ultimate flexibility in a blended learning environment so students can chart their own personalized learning path. So far this fall, the Academy has 600 course enrollments—and is expecting more enrollments during the school year.
  • Evergreen Public Schools (Washington) – for serving the community’s education needs with a breadth of online and blended learning options available district-wide. In 2013, students completed 3,983 credit recovery courses; 323 eighth-grade students earned a high school world language credit; and 225 students enrolled in a blended learning program.
  • Middle School 385 – School of Business, Finance and Entrepreneurship (New York) – for introducing a personalized in-class online tutoring program to help students master mathematics concepts, resulting in dramatically improved state math exam scores. After just one year in the program, 90 percent of students passed the New York state math exam.
  • Poudre School District Global Academy (Colorado) – for being the first comprehensive, blended school to achieve one of the top growth scores in the state of Colorado. For all grade levels, PSD Global Academy ranked in the top 95 percent of all Colorado schools – including traditional brick and mortar schools, charter schools, and other online schools.
  • St. Louis Public Schools (Missouri) – for providing personalized learning to enable high-risk students to graduate. During the first year of the program, 61 students graduated from the full-time virtual program. In addition, more than 1,000 students—approximately 20 percent of the district’s graduates—were supported by the program through taking original credit and credit recovery courses as well as supplemental content.
  • Trigg County High School (Kentucky) – for using online learning to bring a wide variety of learning opportunities to its students, despite its rural setting. In 2014, the school converted its on-site summer school to a fully online program, and was named a District of Innovation by the state of Kentucky.

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In addition to fully online and blended learning programs, Fuel Education supports districts with a variety of solutions, ranging from catalog expansion for low-enrollment or hard-to-staff courses, and hospital/homebound education, to language exposure and learning, alternative education, remediation and kindergarten readiness, among others.

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