Stride, Inc. Partnership Helps Students Turn Struggles into Strengths

April 5, 2023

WebbAlign’s DOK Program Supports Stride’s Goal to Strengthen Student Outcomes

Stride, Inc. (NYSE: LRN)—a leading provider of online and blended learning solutions—is committed to delivering an interactive, standards-aligned curriculum for K–12 students.

To strengthen this commitment, Stride is partnering with WebbAlign: the home of the Depth of Knowledge (DOK) framework developed by Dr. Norman Webb. The DOK framework serves as a communication and evaluation tool that helps educators and schools operationalize the rigorous expectations of today’s standards. A program of the non-profit Wisconsin Center for Education Products and Services (WCEPS) and affiliated with the University of Wisconsin-Madison, WebbAlign is the nation’s premier provider of DOK- and alignment-related professional learning and academic content evaluation services.

“At Stride, we’re committed to the success of every student,” said Dr. Tony Bennett, Stride’s President of Schools. “That means ensuring all students have access to standards-aligned learning opportunities that support students’ individual needs in ways that foster resilience, perseverance, and self-management. Our partnership with WebbAlign supports this goal.”

At Stride’s K12-powered schools and programs, students use individual assignments and group projects, among other methods, to show their mastery of course material. Additionally, periodic assessments help both students and teachers fill in knowledge gaps and adapt to each student’s level of progress and proficiency.

Today’s academic standards emphasize conceptual understanding and use of disciplinary practices and habits of mind. While traditional methods of analyzing academic content and testing rely on perceived or empirical level of difficulty, Webb’s DOK differentiates difficulty from complexity and was developed specifically to support educators and other stakeholders in interpreting and operationalizing the complexity of cognitive engagement.

As a curriculum provider that serves public and private schools in all 50 states, Stride develops courses and content that are flexible enough to meet various state standards and requirements. What is restricted in one state may be required in another. Therefore, Stride’s courses can be customized in ways that meet respective state standards without impacting each school’s individual content.

Through Stride’s K12 programs, students across the country access a robust online curriculum in core subjects and a host of electives and attend live, virtual classes taught by state-credentialedteachers.

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Dana Still
Corporate Communications Director

Source: Stride, Inc.